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You can use the Free version permanently, and pay to upgrade and add or subtract functions or processes according to business needs

Pro accounts are billed by the number of your subscribers.

How to upgrade to PRO?

ManyChat automatically upgrades based on the number of your subscribers. We calculate how long each tier is eligible within a month and adjust the total price accordingly, so you only pay for what you use.

Can I cancel anytime?


What is your refund policy?

We will charge an annual fee, and there will be no refund during the contract period.

How does email and SMS pricing work?

The Pro plan includes monthly emails up to your subscriber cap (500 subscribers = 500 emails per month). After you reach your email limit, additional emails are charged $0.003 per email ($3.00 per 1,000 emails).

After activating SMS marketing, you can send up to 50 text messages for free within the first month. Additional SMS sending costs $0.03 per text ($30 per 1,000).

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods we support include credit card (VISA, MASTER), check and bank transfer (such as T/T).

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Try ManyChat for free

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