Last year, consumers spent US$717.5 billion on Black Friday and another US$6 billion on Cyber Monday. As a result, e-commerce stores have already set up plans for the holiday shopping season. Prepare more new product promotions.

For many online sellers, this is a shopping season that increases revenue once a year. Promotions and streamlining the checkout process are critical to the successful sale of specials and the entire Black Friday marketing strategy. The more prepared you are, the more products you will sell online.

So, how would you promote Black Friday trading? The following will introduce 7 ways to make users interested in order to attract more orders to increase sales this quarter.


1. Use the pre-prepared Messenger process on Black Friday to automatically push offers

One simple way is to use Messenger to send out "Black Friday Specials."

According to our case study, Messenger users are more likely to engage in conversations than potential customers from other channels. In addition, for example, the probability of getting a click from a Messenger subscriber is five times that of a click via email.

When you plan to carry out a Black Friday promotion, you can place advertisements as needed to showcase your products. You can encourage people to subscribe to your page in exchange for promotional codes, and test to find the products they need. Then, you can segment the subscribers based on the products they want or by keyword input, and use the information for advertising or other remarketing work.


2. Upselling

When you use mark-up sales, you have to convince customers to buy more expensive or upgraded products or add-ons to achieve higher sales. According to statistics, the revenue of an e-commerce company that used up-selling has increased by 10% to 30% on average.

To upsell in the right way, keep the customer in mind and find out what can help you win the customer. This is a sales strategy that is less eager for success, and is a more friendly suggestion that can help them make the right purchase.

Did they buy a TV? Suggest that they check your wall mount or Bluetooth speakers in Messenger. Has anyone bought a new "Iron Man" Figure? Then sell them other products in the Marvel series.

Now, your customers don’t have to search for the products they need or want. You can help them there during the busiest shopping season of the year.


3. Flash sale

Flash sales on Black Friday are relatively easy to implement and fun to execute. They can increase your income immediately. Limited-time buying can even increase the transaction rate by 35% and help you get rid of excess inventory while stabilizing the existing inventory of Black Friday. The goal is to create a sense of urgency, attract impulse shoppers to buy and grow your online business.

Flash sale promotions must be eye-catching and valuable. Please make sure its design is reasonable, and click to show how many people can save and get the discount.

You can use several different types of Flash sales, including "hourly transactions", which update new transactions hourly; often three-hour fast sales, with the highest transaction rate; and event-based Flash sales, which will last 24 hours or until Cyber Monday .

You can try out several different types and versions of flash sales first, and then use the method with the highest sales.


4. Extend sales to Cyber Monday 

When planning the Black Friday promotion, please reserve some discounts for "Cyber Monday". The evaluation should focus on specific best-selling products, and then re-use them for your Cyber Monday promotion.

You can extend the deal from Black Friday to Monday, or you can restart it as a separate campaign.


5. Giveaway

Black Friday (Black Friday) is the time to fully promote, because everyone is watching the discount.

When you place a viral gift (Viral Marketing), make sure that it is an irresistible price for your audience because they will share it with others. What are customers interested in? Ask yourself, if I see this transaction on Facebook, will I click to buy? If not, please improve.

Second, spread information through Messenger and e-mail to expand coverage and increase sales.


6. Make sure that the user reaches the checkout page with 2 clicks to get the best purchase rate and conversion rate for ad click purchases (Conversion Rate)

When arranging the conversation, you might plan how to get sales. Creating a great user experience can be easily distracting, but you want to focus on the most important thing-getting people to click to buy.

In order to attract impulsive shoppers, please set a countdown timer in the checkout function in the quick access process. For example, if the user wants to see more features, please design the dialogue page to have a route countdown timer, and then check out again.


7. Use Stripe or PayPal fast payment tool

When customers want to buy your product, please remind them to use Messenger to pay. This is a great way to reduce friction in the sales process and create quick and easy checkout for buyers. Now, you can even integrate Stripe and PayPal into the ManyChat robot.

The Messenger bot can handle everything from order processing to sending confirmations in the chat window or via email. You can also set up dynamic pricing to charge different amounts. For example, if your customers are calmer, you can offer them a certain discount. Or you can offer special Black Friday discounts to loyal customers.


Are you ready for a creative Black Friday event?

As you can see, dealing with other competitors who join the Black Friday melee and promoting and selling your products is challenging, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Before proceeding with the conversation, please consider the needs of your audience, make sure they always click twice at checkout and upsell the correct product (whether it is an accessory or an upgraded version of the product), you can discover whether it is Black Friday’s website traffic, customers, and sales this shopping season can all be improved.

If you need any help with Messenger marketing strategy, please feel free to contactManyChat Support team. Or register oneFree ManyChat accountAnd immediately start building your Facebook Messenger bot.


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