• San Francisco, California, May 14, 2020-No. 1 instant messaging marketing platformManyChatWork with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assist the public in educating the public about COVID-19. The partnership uses Facebook's Messenger to automatically share educational materials, including updates and preventive reminders, thus simplifying conversations related to the pandemic. The chat contains information related to:
  • How to prevent illness
  • COVID-19 symptoms and encounters
  • What to do with these symptoms
  • Mask guide and how to make your own guide
  • How to disinfect households and frequently touched surfaces

Carol Y. Crawford, Director of CDC's Digital Media Department, said: "CDC thanks technology companies for their support of expanding COVID-19 prevention information nationwide." "During these challenging times, it makes sense to share CDC recommendations through multiple communication channels."

Prior to this, the partnership between ManyChat and Messenger helped expand the workload of COVID-19. Since its inception, Dialogue has helped many people browse COVID-19.

Mike Yan, CEO and co-founder of ManyChat"ManyChat is honored to be part of the CDC program, and we express our sincere gratitude to them for their tireless efforts to stop this spread." "We hope that the ongoing education work will save lives and help calm down. curve."

For more information,Click hereOr visit CDC’s COVID-19 Messenger experience,Click here.

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Disclaimer: CDC's use of ManyChat does not imply endorsement of ManyChat or its services.

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