How to respond to customers in real time

Can it also reduce costs?

ManyChat can automatically answer customer inquiries about orders, transportation and other transactions, by integrating and connecting your Facebook messager and Shopify.

Shopify shopping cart integration

You will want to go to the "Settings" section and set how your ManyChat is displayed, including the custom size, style and color of the ManyChat dialog box. After completing the custom bot appearance, you can now grab the JavaScript code snippet and install it on the Shopify website. Click the blue button that shows the JavaScript code snippet for installation. You will be taken to a tab where you first need to enter the applicable website URL to authorize your website. Then go to step B to get the JavaScript code.

Why use Messenger?

Send trading messages to your customers, there will be 1.3 billion users to read, click open rate 80-90%
、Compared with the past, the conversion rate is increased by 4-10 times

ManyChat is a good helper for Shopify 

No programming is required. No changes to your application. Set and start 2 minutes. Running on a secure HTTPS channel, all sensitive data is stored in encrypted format. Used by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide-varying in size. Provide live chat support.


ManyChat is a visualization tool that can help you easily build a Facebook Messenger robot without any coding. This will help automate responses, schedule messages and interact with visitors effectively.


Create your online store and sell online through Shopify. Manage inventory, sell products online and receive payments.

Analyze customer data

Manychat provides a variety of data. You can see on the Growth tool how many people click on the message after interacting with the post, and how many people click on the options in each message.
This information can effectively summarize which posts that use Chatbot are popular among fans, or which option was selected during the private messaging process.

ManyChat online store case

Manychat and Shopify examples

"Create Shopify Workflow"

– Run workflows across your Marketing, Shopify and Payments applications. When anything happens in any application, the workflow is automatically triggered.

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